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Package opening made elegant simple & safe

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FLYK (flick)

Imagine safely and easily opening all your online and store bought purchases with just a flick of your wrist. FLYK combines four safely designed tools into one beautiful design.

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Just in time for the holidays!

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Box Opener


65% surveyed say they have damaged goods opening boxes delivered by Amazon, UPS and the like while using scissors, utility blades and knives. We wanted to reduce that number to zero and its why we created FLYK. Easily open any delivery without worrying about cutting, poking  or damaging the contents inside. In fact, FLYK pays for itself by ensuring all your purchases stay new. 

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Envelope Opener


No more pulling, tearing or paper cuts. Insert the Envelope Opener into the flap of any sized envelope, pouch or parcel and glide. The razor sharp blade hidden inside keeps fingers safe while the smart design will have you opening envelopes just as quickly as you can say "FLYK".

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Cord Cutter


Who knows what a new purchase may contain. Some come with straps to secure large items or zip ties around individual parts. But you won't have to worry because FLYK's cord cutter is there for you to quickly cut through most binding materials with a flick of the wrist. Your next IKEA purchase will be up and ready to use in no time.

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Power Blade


Clamshell packaging found around kid's toys, tools and electronics can be extremely difficult to open. With FLYK's Power Blade, simply push down and glide for immediate access. And that's just for starters. Nothing breaks down cardboard boxes better or cuts through thicker packaging material quicker and safer. Don't worry, you've got this!

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"I receive quite the number of parcels and no two are the same. Brilliant how one little tool has made this part of my life easier."
- Ken M. United Kingdom

Elegant and Precise

“My first try was an eye-opener. After sliding on the top of the package, I felt that maybe I should do a second pass, only to realize the tape had cut perfectly. It was just a different feeling than using a utility knife, much more elegant and precise. That was impressive ”

Erik T. Everett, WA


FLYK Products is all about helping out where we can. Our fulfillment is handled by families who've adopted a work from home ethos, we're looking at how we can help reduce packaging unfit for the planet and with OneTreePlanted we're
planting trees to replenish those used to make packaging. 


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