-never damage a new purchase again


The first all-in-one tool specifically designed  to safely  and swiftly open all your online and store bought purchases.

Protecting you and your stuff

Let FLYK do the work. Protected by Blade ShieldsTM and precisely measured SK2 blades, go ahead open just about any new purchase without damaging the contents or hurting yourself. And that's just the beginning. Slide open letters, cut through zip ties and glide through hard plastics, FLYK safely does it all.

Enjoy the show

1000's of openings

FLYK isn't just about opening boxes and envelopes. 

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Cleverly convenient

With neodymium magnets, FLYK's right where you want it, right when you need it. 


P3 starts with people. From the beginning we've been asking ourselves how we can contribute.

Family Moments

It's the small things

FLYK responds to our basic desire for smarter products by using recycled, recyclable and reusable components.


We've shared FLYK prototypes with a variety of people this past year and the feedback's been awesome!

Hard plastic, sooo easy.

"I just used Flyk to open my new lawn mower battery that was surrounded with that hard plastic. Sooo easy. LOVE IT!!!

Before Flyk, I actually got a little anxiety/frustration knowing I have to battle the plastic. Not anymore!" -Mark B

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Fragile Box with FLYK.png

Fragile, ha!

"I received this parcel and zipped it open right away with FLYK. Instructions inside the box told me I needed information off of one of the many labels covering the box. Pulling the yellow label off I noticed a "Fragile" sticker underneath which had been covered. Ha! FLYK saved me. I love not worrying about what is or isn't in my packages before opening them. -Jessica J

...and so many more!

About us

Yes, about us -you, me and the world we live in. Boxes and packages are seemingly inextricable parts of our lives at this juncture in human history. Whether they're uniting pencils with school kids in Kolkata or grandma's delicious cookies with her grandson in Covington, they're everywhere! Until we find healthier ways of moving stuff around the globe we can be vigilant recyclers/re-users and look to create sustainable products that help spare earth along the way. There are a lot of people and organizations making a positive difference and we are too.

Patent Pending
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