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The Package Opening

FLYK (flick)

Making package opening quick and enjoyable by combining four powerful tools in one safe and easy to use design. Go ahead and flick open your next package.

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65% surveyed say they have damaged goods opening boxes delivered by Amazon, UPS and the like. We wanted to reduce that number to zero and its why we created FLYK. Easily open any delivery without worrying about cutting, poking  or damaging the contents inside. In fact, FLYK pays for itself by making sure your money isn't lost due to a non-returnable purchase. 

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No more pulling, tearing or paper cut fingers. Insert the Envelope Opener into the flap of any sized envelope, pouch or parcel and glide. The razor sharp blade hidden inside keeps fingers safe while the state of the art design will have you opening envelopes quicker than you can say "awesome package opener".

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Simply insert cords, zip ties, plastic straps and similar materials into the Cord Cutter and pull. It's that easy. Quickly and precisely incise bindings holding products together or to the surrounding package. Your next IKEA project will be a lot easier to tackle.

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Clamshell packaging found around kid's toys, tools and electronics can be challenging. Simply push down and glide for immediate access. And that's just the start of Power Blade's numerous capabilities. You should see how quickly and safely it breaks down cardboard boxes for recycling.

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"Every so often I'll buy a product because I hope it works. I couldn't believe how easy it was to open a toy I gave to my granddaughter covered in that hard plastic. It just slid right through. This is so worth it." 
- Lisa, B., Adamsburg, SC


“My first try was an eye-opener. After sliding on the top of the package, I felt that maybe I should do a second pass, only to realize the tape had cut perfectly. It was just a different feeling than using a utility knife, much more elegant and precise. That was impressive ”

Erik T. Everett, WA