the effortless all-in-one package opener inspired by people & planet

*All images are of prototypes. Your FLYK may vary in appearance but will perform as stated.

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Effortless power

The more naturally something fits, the more powerful we feel. We designed FLYK with this philosophy in mind. Imagine effortlessly discovering the gifts of your latest delivery, gliding through impossible plastics, revealing the contents of a mysterious envelope or gracefully releasing the tension of a zip tie. FLYK is the all-in-fun way to open all your new purchases while advancing our P3 initiative, employing families who've adopted the new work from home philosophy. Talk about exerting your power! 

Hangs with you

Right where you want it right when you want it. 

A grand opening

FLYK was designed to open just about everything. Click below to see step-by-step videos on how easy it is to use FLYK

25 FLYK uses.png


Surrounded by family and helping reclaim the natural beauty of our planet. P3 is all about people, planet and so much more.


Good for Earth

FLYK's body responds to a basic desire for healthier products supporting a healthier planet.

Patent Pending

3D renderings

Shielded stainless wedges

protect you, your clothing, loved ones

and the contents inside the package

Handsome and rugged to glide

through even the toughest plastics

surrounding many products today

Slip, slice, open!

Envelopes and small packages

don't have a chance.

About us

Yes, about us -you, me and the world we live in. Boxes and packages are seemingly inextricable parts of our lives at this juncture in human history. Whether they're uniting pencils with school kids in Kolkata or grandma's delicious cookies with her grandson in Covington, they're everywhere!  Until we find healthier ways of moving stuff around the globe we can be vigilant recyclers/re-users and look to create sustainable products that feed the earth at the end of their life cycle or are repurposed.  There are a lot of people and organizations making a positive difference and we are too.

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