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November 2018

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hard plastic



zip ties

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our planet


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No trees were harmed manufacturing FLYK.  Instead, we use lignin, a discarded element of the wood production industry.

Because FLYK is made of lignin, its biodegradable and is a shining example of what can be

Versatile strong and safe

A pleasure in your hands

Quick easy and convenient

What color will your FLYK be?


Yes, about us -you, me and the world we live in. Boxes and packages are seemingly inextricable parts of our lives at this juncture in human history. Whether they're uniting pencils with school kids in Kolkata or grandma's delicious cookies with her grandson in Covington, they're everywhere!  Until we find healthier ways of moving stuff around the globe we can be vigilant recyclers/re-users and look to create sustainable products that feed the earth at the end of their life cycle or are repurposed.  There are a lot of people and organizations making a positive difference and we are too.

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