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FLYK Sample with gold blades and directi









  • FLYK's  ergonomic handle and thumb rest provide a comfortable natural feel.

  • The matte finish helps provide grip. 

  • The carabiner design provides extraordinary control no matter what you're opening.

  • Neodymium magnets keep FLYK at the ready on your refrigerator, metal cabinet or work area.  

  • Arrows, strategically placed around FLYK's body show you which direction to pull it during use. 

  • No blade extraction or buttons to push just place FLYK against the package you wish to open and glide it across the surface. 

  • Precisely measured blades ensure the contents of your package are not touched by the blade. 

  • Retractable blade shields automatically retract when FLYK is in use and snap back in place for immediate protection. 

  • There's even a hole towards the back of FLYK if you'd like wear it on your belt or hang it from a nail.

  • FLYK was designed to make all your package opening experiences pleasurable.


  • No matter  how large or  small the envelope, the Envelope Opener glides through them all. 

  • It's hidden blade keeps you safe.

  • Easily open packages with flaps. 

  • Glide through wrapping paper. 

  • It's at the ready when the postal worker delivers your mail. 

  • No more paper cuts and lots of happy fingers.


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  • FLYK opens all kinds of boxes and packages without damaging the stuff inside. 

  • The two blades, one on the bottom and one curving up the front work in tandem for accurate and easy openings. 

  • The quickest safest way to open all your new purchases.

  • Never damage a new purchase again.  

  • If you need to make a deeper cut use FLYK's Power Blade.

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3. Neodymium Magnets

Blade Shields

  • You can't see them but they're there. 

  • Place FLYK on your refrigerator and you'll always be ready for that new package opening.

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Easy Grip Handle

Thumb Rest

Directional Arrows

  • Know which way to pull FLYK by following the arrows.  

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  • You can't see them but they're there. 

  • Place FLYK on your refrigerator and you'll always be ready for that new package opening.




  • The Power Blade extends further out than the Package Opening blades for deeper cuts enabling you to break down card-board or  incising hard plastics. The handle and blade combination provide the leverage you need with very little effort. The harder you press, the deeper the cut. 

  • This blade, like the package opening blades are shrouded with Blade Shields, protecting you, your furniture and those you love.

  • Score cardboard, styrofoam and more.

  • Get into small tight areas needing to be cut. 

  • Dissect plastic bottles for reuse. 

  • Easily slice safety seals to take the stress out of getting into jars, bottles and more. 


  • Easily cut through thick cord, heavy packaging straps, rope, twine, zip ties and many other binding materials.

  • Easily operate by slipping the the binding material into the smile and pull.

  • Sloped design allows material to glide along blade as you pull through. 

  • Strong, sturdy and ready for the challenges you have in store for it.

  • FLYK's body and blade cartridge are made of recycled plastics.

  • The SK2 high carbon steel blades are design to last years and can be recycled if necessary. 

  • The screws holding FLYK together can also be recycled.

  • FLYK's four 5.6lb. pull neodymium magnets are reusable.