Frequently asked questions can be found here. If you have a questions that's not addressed, please reach out to us via Contact tab. Thank you.


Should I always pull FLYK?

Yes. Pushing FLYK could damage the blade guards. Take a moment and click on the Tutorials tab and watch the first video. This will provide you with a great overview on all aspects of FLYK.


Can I purchase FLYK at a retail store?

As of 2023 all sales of FLYK are conducted on our online store www.getflyk.com.


Are there any other colors besides black with a green blade cartridge?

As of February 2023 FLYK comes in Black/Green only.


How long do the blades last?

FLYK's patented blades are made of SK2 steel and are coated for protection. FLYK was used by an international logistics company where it opened over 3900 boxes, 900 envelopes and cut through 360 straps. And that was only in the first 30 days. FLYKs blades should last you a lifetime of package opening. If there's a problem, please reach out to us.


What is your refund policy?

Please see Refund Policy tab in footer.


Do you allow resellers to market/sell FLYK?

We love engaging new business partners so please reach out to us by clicking the Contact tab and tell us about yourself and business.


How much is shipping?

Shipping in the United States in only $5.00 for your entire order. So order as many FLYK as you'd like and save a bundle on shipping!


Do you offer discounts for multiple purchases?

Yes, the more you purchase the less you pay per FLYK. Click on the Shop tab, click the image and you'll see a savings column.