Alternative Packaging

Updated: Oct 16

Here we'll be looking at the many ways packaging, consumer goods and building materials are improving through the use of new technologies and earth friendly products.

Planet health, one product at a time.

Please stay tuned we have a lot to share.

This is an example of a wine bottle cradled in mycelium packaging instead of cardboard. This particular use of mycelium needs no processing to break down resulting in zero CO2 emissions often required by machinery used for processing trash or during recycling.


Mycelium is an important food source for many soil invertebrates. They are vital to agriculture and are important to almost all species of plants, many species co-evolving with the fungi. Mycelium is a primary factor in a plant's health, nutrient intake, and growth, with mycelium being a major factor to plant fitness.

We have so much more to share with you.

Changing the way we think about planet health doesn't have to be inconvenient or difficult. This blog is here to share what a little effort and an open mind can bring.

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